Cougar: Because "Venus Man Trap" Was Already Taken

Alex Chadwick of Slate and NPR had the pleasure of interviewing a MILF in his last segment for the Slate, who frankly, came off just as creepy as a 37-year old man screwing around with his neighbor's 17-year old daughter.

As much as Lew Ashby tries to make an endearing case for this, it's still creepy and gross.

But for the most part, there's a huge double standard.

When old men date young women, as they've done centuries, no one calls them a lion, or a tiger, or a bear. There's no special name for the lecherous brand of man who preys after youth like a vampire risen from his coffin, seeking out fresh necks to bite.

Although you'd better believe the woman in the arrangement immediately gets stuck with the "Gold Digger" moniker. And what? Hef gets stuck with "Playboy?" Even though he's clearly "Play senior citizen" with one foot in the grave?

And yet, older women get stuck with "cougar," which makes me think they would have gotten stuck with "praying mantis" if it was two syllables, the idea being that women are predators who catch young men and then eat them.

Even though there's this seeming acceptance of women as cougars (I really hate that word), it's just as limiting as any other label. We think of them as plucked and Botoxed and lacking self-awareness, showing way too much cleavage and trying too hard.

They're never Nico. They're always Kirby's mom.

And this woman, looking to relive her teenage years through "Trevor," is not helping. High school is over! Move on!

And please, get off Facebook.

I'm just wondering. If it's possible to be a cougar without being a "cougar?"


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