Damn, Homie, You Too?

Eight hun'ned jobs at Viacom, 12,000 at AT&T... and now not even blogs are safe.

Gawker's made cuts, some Jezebel writers are now part-time, and Stereohyped is gone. Simply gone.

This recession is a bitch. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Wow. It's getting serious, yo. I pray it gets better soon so people who want to and can work are able to be gainfully employed.

Eb the Celeb said...

The media industry is getting hit the worst and no one is talking about it. Newspapers and media giants like Time-Inc have made huge lay-offs... other media giants are on hiring freezes... its hitting everyone and its hitting them hard.

I feel sorry for the new graduates... they are going to suffer the most... no one is going to hire and train, they want people who already have the necessary skill sets

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