Could You Do It?

The Washington Post features a story about an Iranian woman was disfigured after she spurned a man's advances.

She didn't want to marry him, so he poured sulfuric acid on her face.

Now, as part of his sentencing, she has the opportunity to legally put five drops of the same stuff in each of his eyes.

Talk about an eye for an eye.

My question is, could you do it?

And does it do her any good if she goes through with it?


Groovy Black Chick said...

I couldn't. But then that eye for an eye thing (pardon the pun) ought to serve as a helluva deterrent. What happens to rapists?!

the joy said...

I think I wild have to. Just for year safety of the next chick. If she has the opportunity and doesn't take it, the next guy who wants to go acid crazy will think he won't have consequences. Its like unreported rape in that way. The less women speak up, the more it happens.

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