Your Breasts Will Thank You.

I swear, I should get commission from Nordstrom.

I make this PSA roughly once a month, so here it go:

Go get fitted for a bra.

Somehow, even the almighty power of the O can't convince everyday women to get bra fittings.

And as a result, we all become victim to droopy boobs, overfull cups, or the ever-unflattering Chicken Cutlet Effect.

So I'm here to help her.

Get fitted for a bra.

I had my life-changing experience earlier this year. And what they say is correct: There's an 80-percent chance you're wearing the wrong size. Most likely, the band is too loose (find yourself trying to make tighter, don't you?) and the cups are too small. (Spillage much?) And if you're curvier like me, you're probably subjecting yourself to straps that dig into your shoulders and leave grooves in your skin.

Think about it... ain't it worth having support that'll let you roam free and -- dare I say it -- jump up and down without repercussions?

(Don't act like you don't subject new bras to the Jump Test.)

The best way to find what fits is to... well... get fitted. And a fitting won't just tell you what size you really wear; you'll also learn what to look for in a bra, how the band should fit (snug), how the cups should cover (no bagginess) and where that little panel between the cups should fall (flat against the rib cage).

So again, I say... go get fitted for a bra... just not at Vicky's. They'll sell you whatever is on the floor.

(I'm Veronica Miller and I approve this message.)


Anonymous said...

Yes maam!

Darby said...

I doubly co-sign on this post. 1) because all women should be fitted AT LEAST once a year. Treat it like a PAP. and 2) because Vicky is the ABSOLUTE worst place to go to have it done. They have NO idea what they're doing LOL

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