She Said, She Said: Michelle's Boo-tay

Erin Aubry Kaplan is celebrating over at Salon today. Why? 'Cause our future first-lady... got a booty.

Kaplan's happy because a woman who not only looks like her, but also shares some of her physical characteristics, is about to become the new face of the White House. But some say Kaplan's article (full text here) may have been in bad taste.

Veronica says:

"I appreciate her appreciation. Look, unless you're Buffy the Body or the 'exotic' J.Lo., the mainstream can make you very self-conscious about the body God gave you. Michelle's like 'BAM! There it is.' And don't see anything wrong with another black woman celebrating that."

Soraya says:
"I don't see any problem with celebrating that, either. I think the danger is that, to some extent, the author is still objectifying her. And even though it's in a positive way, it can give the wrong people license to objectify her, and all the first ladies before her, in a way that's maybe not so nice. I get the author's argument -- I just think it was a bit clumsily constructed."

What do YOU say?


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