Hang It Up.

Sometimes you wish people would just give it up. Throw in the red towel. Or drink a bottle of NyQuil and take a two-day nap.

In this case, I'm wishing all of the above on Alan Keyes, (the guy who'd be Token if the GOP were "South Park"), who's filing suit in California, and demanding that the state withhold its electoral votes from Prez-elect Barack Obama until he proves that he's a U.S. citizen.

Alan, come on. I know the Democrats have the innate ability to shoot themselves in the foot every now and again, but even they wouldn't have let this pass. Do you think the homie Barack would have gotten through that slime-riddled "physical challenge" of a party primary had he NOT proven he was a citizen?

I mean come on. Hillary went hard. So hard that your GOP couldn't go any harder.

Which is why... he WILL be your president.

Give it up.


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