The Man of Our Nightmares

We know D.C. is overrun with men like K. Bryan Johnson, and we try our best to steer clear of them.

You know the type: full of themselves, obsessed with how (supposedly) wonderful they are and how much everything they're wearing cost. They actually think they're something 'cause they're not in jail, have no kids, and a good job. You know, they want credit for things they're supposed to be doing.

Veronica and I have a name for them: Commodity Negroes.

Johnson is the epitome of a Commodity Negro, and well, you guys are smart enough to know that is not a compliment.

Isn't there some sort of dating Hail Mary we can all do to avoid being smited with a troll like this? God help us all.

Perhaps commenter mnbucklew said it best:

Dinner = $125
Jeans = $600
Boots = $1,000

Making a horse's @ss out of yourself in the Washington Post = PRICELESS!

Via Washington Post.


SingLikeSassy said...

You know what? I'm mad as hell I let you con me into clicking over and wasting time reading about this "maybe he modeled, maybe he didn't" piece of nothing. ::hissing and throwing snake eyes at you::

Danielle said...

Haha, I love that term, "commodity negroes." It's so perfect. Yeah, that guy on Date Lab is the biggest sphincter that's ever appeared in DL.

Going on and on about "modeling" for "Hugo Boss" in "Germany" and his $600 Gucci shoes. Ugh. What gives me hope are all the comments calling him out for the punk that he is and demanding that WaPo pays for another date for her.

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