Well, It *Used* To Be a Ford Taurus

Sometimes I wish someone would conduct a study to see if there's a temporary spike in the sale of contraceptives whenever a story like this comes out, complete with causation and correlation analysis.

This is why my teacher friends advocate for people to get licenses to have children. I mean, it's fascist as hell, but maybe you wouldn't have situations like this one.

Some little boy in Virginia was determined to get to school Tuesday. (Not the little boy in the photo. But clearly, he has no business being where he is, either.)

So determined that he took his mother's keys and attempted to drive himself to school.

He's six.

Less than two miles away, he wrapped his mother's Ford Taurus around a utility pole.

He didn't want to miss breakfast and P.E.


If this happened in D.C., I would say this is precisely why you don't pay students to come to school, but it didn't, so the only thing I can say is: Lady! Yes, you, Jacqulyn D. Waltman.




And stop letting him play Grand Theft Auto!


Duck said...

That's not better than the 4-year-old that shot his babysitter.

He got mad because the babysitter stepped on his foot.

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