May Stain Some Surfaces

The latest technology on the doll front seems to have been projected onto this monstrously scary creation called a "Baby Alive" doll.

The thing actually poops and smells and creates stains and does all manner of things that an inanimate object should never do.

I mean honestly, you can give your Sims free will, but you can be sure that they will never actually jump out of the computer and poop on you.

Add free will to this child-of-Chucky manifestation and you'll end up with mushed-up "green beans" in your lap.


"For us, the peeing and pooping is pretty magical," said Kathleen Harrington, senior brand manager for Hasbro's Baby Alive dolls. "As adults, we might be a little grossed out. But it's so magical and so funny and so silly for these girls. This little doll is coming to life, so the little girl doesn't believe it's just a doll. It's her baby." Harrington calls it part of the doll's "Wow!" factor.

I wonder if it will steal your car keys and scream, "I hate my life!" if you keep it around for another 16 years?

Oh, and another question, though it's one I think we already know the answer to: why aren't any of these ridiculous toys marketed to boys?

Perhaps a G.I. Joe who shits his pants and bleeds when he gets shot is in the works. Who knows?

Via Washington Post.


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