It's a Recession, So Do It Your Damn Self: Hair

Times is hard, as Lynnette would say. And some of my sistafriends are going through it with their hair. Relaxer touch-ups can cost anywhere from 50 bucks on up, so the decision can often come down to choosing between groceries... or a perm. I can't say I'd blame a chick for picking up some ramen noodles after a fresh press, but shit -- these days, a well-balanced meal is hard to come by.

But just because the economy is in a craptacular state doesn't mean your hair has to be too.

Now's as good a time as ever to start experimenting with DIY hair. Thanks to this thing called the interwebs, there are a wealth of resources to guide as you forgo the salon chair and become one with your tresses. It'll be a good thing for your hair too, as going the DIY route has a magical way of teaching you about what is or isn't healthy for your locks.

I'm a naturally curly girl (3c, if you know what that means), so I've been on this DIY kick for a minute. But lately I've been wanting to experiment with new styles -- without experimenting with my (non-existent) money. Thank god for YouTube and the bevy of beauty bloggers all over the web.

Today I'm rocking something called a "bantu-knot out," which I learned how to do in this video. (I made the knots significantly bigger so my curls would be looser.) And a few months back, I also tried the "curly 'fro," inspired by this YouTube natural hair guru.

(P.S. Doesn't my picture look like something out of some professional directory? Or like, a profile in Essence or something? That's that cameraphone photography right there, son!)

If you're not natural, don't fret. Bloggers like Wes at Spiced Honey and Kai at Mane and Chic are good for posting super-cute, super-simple styles that can work on all hair types. You can also do the old-standby style that my roommate lives by -- dampen your hair and put into large cornrows or flat-twists, and wake up the next morning with lots and lots o' texture. And you can never go wrong with a good ol' roller-set.

So friends, I'm curious... when you can't afford to spend your Saturday morning in a chair, how do you keep your locks in tip-top shape? And what creative ways do you keep it looking cute?


Anonymous said...

Hey sistergirlfriend! I don't have natural hair, and I'm anal retentive about my hair (ask Darbs). Keeping your ends trimmed is such a big deal to keep your locks healthy (especially if chemicals are involved). But, it gets expensive to get them trimmed every 4-6 weeks. So, I get my hair cut by my favorite stylist at the spa and then I go to my homegirls at hair cuttery for my trims. It's really, really hard to jack-up a good haircut by cutting off 1/8 inch. The girls are fab, it only costs me $6-8 bucks AND they have a frequent visitor program. Get nine trims and the 10th is free. Then, I go home and wash, blow dry and flat iron it myself. OK, that's my tip for being a diva on the cheap!

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