Are You Gonna Eat Me Too?

Reason #756 why I'd rather opt out.

Kay S. Hymowitz on "Dating Darwism":

We are animals, the new Darwinians seem to say; get used to it. They define manhood as alpha-style toughness and unsentimental promiscuity. And in that spirit, they cultivate manipulation, calculation, and naked (in both the literal and metaphorical sense) self-interest. “Nature doesn’t care about hurting people’s feelings,” explains dating coach Mike Pilinski. “It cares ONLY about reproductive success.”

The argument is that men have been driven to this point because of women's liberation. Basically, now that women are more or less considered equals in society, the old school mores of dating and courtship have gone out the window. Women have different (and differing) expectations now, and instead of trying to navigate this shift in the dating scene, some guys are simply lashing back -- and actively becoming assholes about it.

It sounds extreme... but then it doesn't. Certainly if you have male friends. Read the article and you'll probably recognize more than a few examples.

Salon's take on it makes me feel a little better, pointing out just how insipid this whole approach is:

..."Dating Darwinism" suggests that all young men want is to successfully spread their seed -- but something tells me that if they have to defensively put on the tough guy act in the first place, that isn't at all the case.

My take: Instead of declaring war, just do you. Be honest with what you want and what you're willing to give to get it, and if someone likes it, good. If not... give 'em rocks to kick. (And that goes for guys AND girls.)

Then again, like my dad always says... common sense ain't all that common.



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