We Got a Black President... You Know Want We Want Now.

Look what Barack dun started.

Diddy to the Daily Mirror:

"There is a black president and it's time for there to be a black Bond."

Oh yes, folks. Your boy Diddy has his eyes on the prize. He wants to be Bond -- James Bond. And he wants to be Bond so bad that he's dropped £500,000 -- damn near 800,000 dollars -- to film an audition tape in the South of France.

... I mean... it's Diddy. King of Conspicuous Spending. Are you really surprised?

You shouldn't be. Black folk got all kinds of audacity now, aiming to become big-screen superheroes. (Superheroes whose names we already know. So Hancock doesn't count.) Beyoncé already called dibs on Wonder Woman, although, some people think it's a bad idea. But hell -- did you see Bey perform on the Today Show? I'd pay just to see her in that costume, and I'm totally hetero.

Anyway, back to what I was saying -- Diddy. As Bond. The thought doesn't really terrify me. Shoot, just the other day, I was thinking it's about time for a female James Bond -- and she could be played by me. So let Diddy dream.

Besides, you should be more concerned that Akon wants the role.

That's just scary.


Chris said...

AKON wants to be the black Bond? If they had a secret agent or super villain with a name that fits him, like "Chapped Leather," then yeah, I could see it. He needs to stand on the corner and just let people throw mail in his mouth.

Groovy Black Chick said...

If Diddy don't sit down I don't know what I'ma do. Black Bond, sure why not? Diddy; if he don't sit down I don't know what I'ma do (did I say that already?).

And as for Akon "I keep beatin up on my audience", pfft. Sit. Down.

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