Gilded Goodiness.

I first fell victim this summer.

Tara and I were in New York, browsing the Bergdorf Goodman beauty department, when she started pulling me toward the Bobbi Brown counter, singing the praises of her ever-faithful shimmer brick.

"Just try it," she said as a makeup artist coaxed me into a chair. But I was trying my damnedest to resist. Because me trying makeup usually ends in me buying makeup, and feeling bad that I don't feel bad about dropping more than 20 bucks on a lip gloss.

But I was cornered. And five swipes of a makeup brush later (eyes, cheeks, and a little on the chin), the artist handed me a mirror so I could take in the freshly-applied apricot glow.

I was sold.

Now Bobbi is coming for me again, at full sparkly force, and just in time for the holidays. It's a brand-spanking new shimmer brick, called Copper Diamond -- a compact so pretty, so sparkly, so decadent, I want to reach through my computer screen and cuddle it to my face. (Yes, I'm that obsessed.) The only thing stopping me from heading over to Macy's after work is the fact that I have a boot I need to get off my car.

Damn you, DMV. Damn you.

But, boot or not, I'm getting little square of gilded giddiness as soon as I can. Because it's limited edition, and if I miss out, I might cry harder than the Christmas when I didn't get my pony.

Okay... I totally made that up.

But, as The Enabler Tara just pointed out... Black Friday is right around the corner.

You think the powers-that-be will give this to me as a post-Thanksgiving treat?


Darby said...

Wait, do I EVEN need to comment about you buying makeup and not paying off your tickets? LOL

Duck said...

I paid off my tickets Darby, I did! I have priorities! Lol.

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