She Done Fell Off Da Wagon

Sooooooo, apparently LiLo was in DC, right around the corner from, well, a lot of places, at Lotus.

What the hell?

Ok, first, what is she doing here? I know she ain't doing lines off Marion Berry's boo-tay.

Well, I hope not anyway. I mean, who goes from SamRo to kicking it with a cracked out over the hill former mayor?

Naw, apparently Sam had a gig, and this heiffer got caught pouring some Grey Goose and Red Bull and drinking it.

At least she has good taste in liquor.

But, as Veronica pointed out, is anyone really surprised? I'm going with no. By the way, do a Google Image search for "fall off wagon."

Oh, Lindsay. Sigh.

And on another note, this wagon tumble happened five weeks ago. Art imitating life? Or the other way 'round?

Via D-Listed.


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