Proof That *Everything* is Easier for A Man

Wes over at Spiced Honey points out something I've been suspicious of for a long time....

When it comes to growing that glorious, luxurious crown of tresses, dudes have the game on lock.

Wes points out Lloyd, Snoop Dogg (obviously), Katt Williams, and faux-celeb Real, from VH1's "Real Chance of Love," who could be easily be mistaken for Pocahontas on testosterone.

(Seriously. I know he looks a damn fool, but what woman wouldn't kill for that hair? With that Pantene Pro-V, blowing-the-wind shit. I hate him. Thoroughly.)

Still, this patently unfair quirk of the universe was something I was fully aware of well before the arrival of the press 'n curl posterboys. I went to high school with plenty of boys who spent their weekends sitting between some girls' legs (not in that way), getting their middle-of-the-back-length tresses braided to perfection. And then, at 19, I met my Dominican crush -- whose curls were shinier, bouncier, more well-behaved than mine will ever be.

(I was so, so jealous. And smitten at the same time.)

So you know what? Screw it. No more trying to figure it out myself. The next time I want my hurr did, I'm finding the number for the person who does Snoop's roller set.

Until then ladies, answer me this... could you get with a guy with prettier hair than you?


Ashley said...

Um. Hell naw.

The End.

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