Milestones in Internetland

I always feel a little offended when I hear experts talk about how my generation is the "Everybody Wins" generation. You know, every kid gets a trophy, a ribbon, a little certificate that says "You're a winner because you tried." I'm always like, "Hell NAH! I'm a winner because I'm the best! There's no faux congratulations for me!"

Until I saw this message from Gmail:

Congratulations on creating your brand new Gmail address,

Wait a minute.

Gmail's giving me confetti and glitter because I signed up for an addy?

In fact, I didn't even sign up for an addy! Soraya did! She just tacked my e-mail on the sign-up form so I'd get a notification too.

And yet, I'm still congratulated. It makes me wonder why Google didn't send me balloons for creating this blog. (And if you know my history with blogs, you'd know I've earned a shitload of balloons.)

Alas, for all those quack psychiatrists who say that me and every other 20-something have become a generation wimps because we're coddled to and congratulated for even the most insipid of achievements...

... you're right.

*hangs head*


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