Just Take a Deep Breath, and Step Away From the Diddy

Dear Cassie,

It's time to grow a pair.

So, I'm not even sure why this is labeled as a blind item, because even no-seeing, dead-ass Ray Charles can tell that this is so obviously about you.

Look. We know you're young. But it's 2008, and it's time for you to stand up for yourself. Yes, to the almighty Diddy. Because while you might be sporting a necklace or a bracelet worth more than the last appraisal on my parent's house, you're missing something infinitely more priceless: your self respect.

We've already seen the items about how he wants an open relationship and you don't. About how you wanted to tell the world about the two of you and he was content to keep it on the DL.

Sweetheart, have you heard of Kim Porter, also known as disaffected perpetually ticked off Baby Mama Numero Uno? As much as you want to believe you're different from any of his other PYTs, you're not. Diddy might have you thinking you're special, but you're not that special. And this is coming from a woman who generally respects the Diddy and likes to speak well of him, seeing as how we share an alma mater.

But know this: right now, you're not much more than a doormat. And eventually, doormats get kicked to the curb.

Sez Vee: A lot of women who are praised for their looks and a lot of times, they think that's all they need to get by. You get people's attention with it. You might be able to catch a man, but you don't know how to stand on anything else besides how you look.


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