It's Hard Out Here (For A First Lady)

There are any number of reasons why I could never be a political wife.

Growing up, I never wanted to be first lady of anything. I would have scoffed at such a proposition. I wanted to be president. I wanted to be in charge, and even as a 14-year old, I had the chutzpah to think I was the sort of smart person who should be telling other people what to do.

So Cherie Blair’s advice to Michelle Obama struck a chord with me. Because while homegirl's Narciso Rodriguez dress communicated that she is no shrinking violet, Blair (wife of former British PM Tony) pretty much said “Elevation to vaunted First Lady status = back seat for you. Yes, Even you, Michelle.”


Before America got swept up in Obamamania, Michelle was an executive. With a life. Obama wrote in his book about the evil looks Michelle was flashing him when she had Malia and here he was, able to just walk his two legs out the door to work. And when he wanted to run for Senate, post-birth-of-Sasha, woooo boy. I like to think the Michelle Side Eye isn’t all that different from Soraya Side Eye, and I know just where it was coming from.

While I respect Obama’s decision to be Mom-In-Chief, it seems there wasn’t much else she could be. Not without being mercilessly hounded for it.

She’s our third first lady with a graduate degree.

How long before we have a first lady with a job? When does the first lady get to be herself, instead of just an extension of The Office of the POTUS? When do we get our Carla Sarkozy?

I have no idea. But I'm sure we're going to be talking about it for quite awhile.


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